“None Dare Call it a(n) Isk-conspiracy, ISKCON Mythology and the Actual Facts” Challenging the SAAS (Self-Appointed Acarya Sabha) and the LGEP (Living Guru Experimental Project) Part 1

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July 9th Letter – Missing The Point

From Rupa Manjari devi dasi – 16 August, 2015:

“I will tell you that one thing I find very unethical on behalf of the Prabhupadanugas is that they use the July 9th letter as their “mandate” for permanent ISKCON initiations as ritvik. This I find dishonest because in the language of the letter it says that names of new disciples are to be sent “to Srila Prabhupada”. This means while He is still physically present on earth. To say this is an order for permanent post-Lifetime ritvik diksa is simply not correct.”

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