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ENVY: The Truth about Srila Prabhupada’s Godbrothers (part 1) – watch the slideshow

ENVY: The Truth about Srila Prabhupada’s Godbrothers (part 2) – watch the slideshow


The Real Narayana Maharaja

“Almost all the conditioned souls within the material world are envious. Jealous people generally turn against one who automatically attains some reputation. This is natural for jealous people. Consequently, when a devotee is fit to receive worldly reputation, he is envied by many people. This is quite natural.”  (Srila Prabhupada — Cc Madhya-lila 4.147)


NM Minimizes Srila Prabhupada

“Only this, only that” “Not this, Not that.” “I am this, I am that.” If these aren’t the obvious symptoms of pure ENVY, I don’t know what are.


Not the Founder?

Narayana Maharaja Mathura, October 24, 1999:
“We can glorify Swamiji, Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja. But those who are falling down, how can they glorify him? They cannot glorify him, never; they are cutting. They are establishing that he was the founder of ISKCON, but I know that he was not founder, he was one of the members of this in guru parampara. It was founded by Krishna, and first acarya was Brahma, then Narada, then Vyasa. Only he has changed the name and he has preached these things in Western countries.”

I am the real successor of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja, and there is no other.”
(Narayana Maharaja, Murwillumbah, Australia, February 18th, 2002)


“Also you should know that Caitanya Mahaprabhu is the founder of
ISKCON. Swamiji, AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja is one of the prominent acaryas in this line only. He is not founder.”
(Narayana Maharaja 28th April 1999, morning speech, Caracas, Venezuela)


Kern: The origin of the group, where…? Who was the original founder, Your Excellency? The original founder of the group?

Prabhupāda: Which group?

Kern: This group, your group, Kṛṣṇa movement.

Prabhupāda: I am the founder, I am the founder.

(Conversation with Clergymen — June 15, 1976, Detroit)


Srila Prabhupada:

“I am the founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.” (Letter to Dr. Bigelow, Allahabad, January 20th, 1971)


“Your Prabhupada, Srila Swami Maharaja, only changed the name into English. He is not the founder acarya of that eternal ISKCON. I am ISKCON. I’m not different from ISKCON. I am ‘Bhaktivedanta’ [Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja]. Like father, like son. I am the real successor of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja, and there is no other. You should know this very openly. I am Bhaktivedanta and he
is Bhaktivedanta, but he received this name after I did. I’m senior to
in this regard.  I’m Bhaktivedanta, and I’m also ISKCON. Don’t think that I’m out of ISKCON.”

(Narayana Maharaja, Murwillumbah, Australia, February 18th, 2002)


Srila Prabhupada:

“If he is great personality, everyone should know. Why he is trying to explain? What is the use of explanation? If a great personality is unknown, and he has to be known by explanatory notes, then how he is great personality?”


Srila Prabhupada not as qualified as some of his Godbrothers, who slept, ate and barked in India while Srila Prabhupada was traveling the globe spreading Lord Chaitanya’s movement?


Narayana Maharaja 28th April 1999, morning, Caracas:
“So Swamiji is one of the hands of Srila Prabhupada. It is not that Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja is also father and forefather of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Thakura. We should try to realize all these things. He was one hand, one hand, he was one hand, and that hand was so long that it traveled [over the] whole world, that long hand. But for this you should not minimize all other acaryas who have not come here, but more qualified they were. Like parama pujyapada Sridhara Maharaja, Gosvami Maharaja, my Guru Maharaja, to whom this Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja used to make, used to honor like siksa-guru.”

“Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura has not mentioned that so many
others will do acarya, yet they have done. This is the system. So Tirtha Maharaja, Madhav Maharaja, Sridhar Maharaja, our Gurudeva, Swamiji Swamiji Bhaktivedanta Swami they all became acaryas.” (Narayana Maharaja, p.23, ISKCON Journal 1990)


Srila Prabhupada regarding his guru maharaja’s mission:

He never recommended anyone to be acarya of the Gaudiya Math. But Sridhara Maharaja is responsible for disobeying this order of Guru Maharaja, and he and others who are already dead unnecessarily thought that there must be one acarya. If Guru Maharaja could have seen someone who was qualified at that time to be acarya he would have mentioned. Because on the night before he passed away he talked of so many things, but never mentioned an acarya. His idea was acarya was not to be nominated amongst the governing body. He said openly you make a GBC and conduct the mission. So his idea was amongst the members of GBC who would come out successful and self effulgent acarya would be automatically selected. So Sridhara Maharaja and his two associate gentlemen unauthorizedly selected one acarya and later it proved a failure. The result is now everyone is claiming to be acarya even though they may be kanistha adhikari with no ability to preach. In some of the camps the acarya is being changed three times a year. Therefore we may not commit the same mistake in our ISKCON camp. Actually amongst my Godbrothers no one is qualified to become acarya. So it is better not to mix with my Godbrothers very intimately because instead of inspiring our students and disciples they may sometimes pollute them.


Srila Prabhupada:

“Just like my Guru Mahārāja did not travel all over the world, so I have got double energy than him. So you must triple energy, four times energy than me. Then actually disciple. My Godbrothers are envious because they could not do. They could not do even half of Guru Mahārāja’s work, and I am doing ten times. So therefore they are envious.” (Room Conversation — April 2, 1972, Sydney)


Srila Prabhupada:

“Enviousness is immediately disqualification of Vaiṣṇava, immediate. He is not a human being.” (Room Conversation with Reporter of The Star — October 16, 1975, Johannesburg)


Stop distributing so many of Prabhupada’s books only?

“Now Srila Gurudeva (Narayana Maharaja) has requested that we start what he calls ‘a second revolution’ in preaching and book distribution. He wants his books distributed in the same volume, ‘not less than Swamiji (Srila Prabhupada).'”
(Gaudiya Courier, Issue 15, July 1st, 2004)
Srila Prabhupada could not complete his work?
“So Swamiji has at first cleared the atmosphere. Prepared the ground…by preaching name and the sandesh of Gita… he prepared. So very important work … so he has done this task and it was so necessary for that world…for all world…he has done but he has not done everything by doing that. It was only basement.  But…we are deprived of that… he could not complete his work.”
(Lecture given by Narayana Maharaja on September 19th, 1994)


So Swamiji has at first cleared the atmosphere…Prepared the ground…by preaching name and the sandesh of Gita…he prepared. So very important work. Without this, without this, he could not have given these things. As Caitanya Mahaprabhu first preached the whole world Krishna name, and he wanted all Vaisnavas to understand His inner mood….Otherwise everyone cannot understand…so he has done this task and it was so necessary for that world…for all world…he has done but he has not done everything …by that doing. It was only basement…Foundation.” 
But…that’s not what you said before, Narayana Maharaja…


“All of your duties are completed. You have fulfilled everything in
your lifetime. There is no need to worry for anything.[�] Yes, you have done everything. Nothing is left unfinished.”
(Translation of Bengali conversation between Narayana Maharaja and
Srila Prabhupada from October 1977, provided by Narayana Maharaja’s own camp)


Right, this is what Prabhpada actually says:

  1. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Letter to: Satsvarupa— Los Angeles 16 June, 1972
    “I have given you everything, so read and speak from the books and so many new lights will come out. We have got so many books, so if we go on preaching from them for the next 1,000 years, there is enough stock.”


Deeper deviations

“Prahlada Maharaja was a very bona fide bhakta, and he never wanted anything worldly, but he could not serve Krsna. His bhakti was mixed with jnana, knowledge of the Lord’s opulence. If you have some worldly desire, or any desire, then your bhakti may be sanga-siddha bhakti or aropa-siddha bhakti, but not pure transcendental bhakti”
(Narayana Maharaja, Hawaii, February 17th, 2001)

“Prahlada Maharaja is the topmost example of a Vaisnava”
(Srimad-Bhagavatam 4.21.47, purport)

“So we see practically how Prahlada Maharaja immediately attained the state of prema� he first of all followed the instruction of Brahma, then immediately he got the favor of Lord Nrsimhadeva, and after getting that he got the prema state.”
(Srila Prabhupada lecture, Mayapur, February 14th, 1976)

“Consequently, instead of accepting the results of karma and jnana,
Prahlada Maharaja simply begged the Lord for engagement in the
service of His servant.”
(Srimad Bhagavatam 5.24.25)

“Sri Advaita Acarya…He is a part of the part of the part of the
part of Krishna. Being so far away, He can preach with kirtana, but He
cannot give Vraja-bhakti. Never. He is not qualified for this. Only Krishna
can do this.”
(Narayana Maharaja, Los Angeles, California May 31, 2000)

“He (Advaita Acharya) delivered all living beings by offering the
gift of Krishna-bhakti (pure devotion to Krishna). He explained
Bhagavadgita and Srimad-Bhagavatam in the light of devotional service.”
(Srila Prabhupada, Caitanya caritamrita, Adi-lila 6.28)

Prabhupada’s system of Deity worship was “ignorant”?
Narayana Maharaja Murwillumbah, Australia, on January 20th , 2000:
“We see that some devotees are doing bhajana of Radha and Krishna, and also worshipping Jagannathadeva or Nrsimhadeva. Sometimes Ramacandra, Laksmana, Sita and Hanuman are also there: and Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityananda prabhu and Laddu Gopal are also there. Can you give them up? You can give up Jagannatha, no harm. You can give up other incarnations, but what will you do about Caitanya Mahaprabhu? What should we do? If you are serving Caitanya Mahaprabhu as well as Radha-Krishna conjugal, then it seems it will be not one-pointed. Then what should we do? Then it will not be ananya. We should try to follow ananya. We should try to be one-pointed, not having so many ista-devas. Otherwise how can you concentrate? If you are doing arcana of Radha-Krishna, and also Dvarakadhisa, Laddu Gopal, Nrsimhadeva, Mahaprabhu, Ramacandra, Laksmana and Sita, Jagganath-on the same altar-it means that you are ignorant. You have no knowledge at all. 
Perhaps your guru was not so high, and he has not explained all these things. We should know all these truths. All the doubts are cleared up in our acaryas’ commentaries on Manah Siksa, and they will quickly disappear when reading their explanations. We should follow Srila Raghunatha dasa Goswami who was worshipping Caitanya Mahaprabhu. In what way? As guru. If you are doing arcana of gurudeva and Krishna, no harm. This is ananya.”
Prabhupada accused of rasabhasa, inappropriateness:

Tridandi Svami Bhaktivedanta Aranya (leading disciple of Narayana Maharaja) June 8, 2000:
Srila Narayana Maharaja expressed his concern over the worship of some Deities of Radha-Krishna in ISKCON Who are being addressed by the names Rukmini-Dvarakadisa, Radha-Parthasarathi, Radha-Nilamadhava, Radha-Govinda Madhava etc. Srila Maharaja never criticized names that Prabhupada gave. Rather, he questioned whether Prabhupada actually gave them… The names of the above-mentioned Deities are either rasabhasa or inappropriate… Srila Narayana Maharaja has stated that the name Radha-Partha-sarathi is rasabhasa because Srimati Radhika never leaves Vrndavan…As far as the names Rukmini-Dvarakadhisa are concerned, although they are bonafide names, they are inferior in tattva to Radha-Krishna. … Therefore to worship Dvarakadisa and Parthasarathi, Who are the vaibhava-prakasa expansions of Nandanandana Krishna, is clearly not following in the wake of Srila Prabhupada’s inner moods.”


A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Morning Walk Madras, January 9, 1976
Acyutananda: The name of the Delhi Deities is Radha-Parthasarathi. So how do we understand? Because Partha means Arjuna. So Radha, how does Radha get there?
Prabhupada: When Krishna is Parthasarathi, Radha is out of Him? Does it mean?
Indian man (1): What you mean, Parthasarathi is Sri Krishna.
Acyutananda: Yes.
Prabhupada: That’s all. Yes. Radha-Krishna-pranaya-vikrtir ahladini-saktir. When He is fighting, the ahladini-sakti is there. It is not manifest.


Doesn’t even agree with Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu?

Is conjugal love in separation the highest expression of bhakti?
Narayana Maharaja Sri Vraja-Mandala Parikrama, p. 45: 
Those who have not scrutinizingly studied the scripture Srimad Bhagavatam, and who have not conscientiously comprehended Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, and who have also not properly understood books like Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu, Brhad Bhagavatamrta, Ujvala Nilamani, Krishna Karnamrta and other literatures of this nature. These people consider vipralambha, the mood of separation to be the highest level of ecstasy. Our previous acaryas also considered vipralambha to be an exalted state; but after much reflection they perceived vipralambha as a prerequisite to highlight and more fully embellish and amplify the ecstasy of reunion. If there would be only vipralambha for all of eternity what would be the use? What would be its service? Vipralambha is necessary only because it intensifies the ecstatic feelings of reunion again.”
Narayana Maharaja Sri Vraja-Mandala Parikrama, p.46: 
“So you can see that the mood of vipralambha is much more complex than possibly the way you envisioned it to be before. And those who still persist in advocating that vipralambha is the highest, they do not yet have the spiritual maturity and understanding to realize that it is not possible for anything to be more elevated than Srimati Radharani and Krishna’s ecstatic loving exchanges in reuniting again.”


From Caitanya Caritamrita Madhya lila 8.191-197 in Teachings of Lord Caitanya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada:
“Upon hearing of these transcendental activities, Lord Caitanya said, “My dear Ramananda, what you have explained regarding the transcendental pastimes of Sri Radha and Krishna is perfectly correct, yet there is something more I would like to hear from you.” “It is very difficult for me to express anything beyond this,” Ramananda Raya replied. “I can only say that there is an emotional activity called prema-vilasa-vivarta, which I may try to explain but I do not know whether You will be happy to hear it.” In prema-vilasa there are two kinds of emotional activities–separation and meeting. That transcendental separation is so acute that it is actually more ecstatic than meeting.”



Living guru? Is that even a bona fide concept?

“And for a newcomer, it is sure that he should be initiated by a
living guru. In the parampara system living guru is essential.” (Narayana Maharaja, p.22, ISKCON Journal 1990)

“So although a physical body is not present, the vibration should be accepted as the presence of the Spiritual Master, vibration. What we have heard from the Spiritual Master, that is living.”


SB Lecture, 13/01/69, Los Angeles

“So we should associate by vibration, and not by the physical presence. That is real association.”


SP Lectures SB, 18/08/68













“I have not seen the word “ritvik” in our Vaisnava dictionary. We have seen no such word as “ritvik”.  In our Gaudiya Vaisnava line there is no ritvik.
(Narayana Maharaja, p.23, ISKCON Journal 1990)

The word “ritvik” and its derivatives appear 32 times in the
Srimad-Bhagavatam, the most important Purana for all Vaishnavas:

Ritvik: 4.6.1 / 4.7.16 / 5.3.2 / 5.3.3 / 5.4.17 / 7.3.20 / 8.20.22 /9.1.15


Rtvijah: 4.5.7 / 4.5.18 / 4.7.27 / 4.7.45 /4.13.26 / 4.19.27 /
4.19.29 /5.3.4 / 5.3.15 / 5.3.18 / 5.7.5 /8.16.53 /8.18.21 /8.18.22 / 9.4.23 /9.6.3
Rtvijam: 4.6.52 / 4.21.5 / 8.23.13 / 9.13.1

Rtvigbhyah: 8.16.55

Rtvigbhih: 4.7.56 / 9.13.3
(Srila Prabhupada, Srimad-Bhagavatam)



Narayana Maharaja Claims Srila Prabhupada Asked Him To Guide His Disciples


Narayana Maharaja Murwillumbah, Australia: Feb. 18, 2002 (eve):
“I am the real successor of Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja, and there is no other.”

Narayana Maharaja Bambra, a farm near Melbourne:
“Srila Bhaktivedanta Svami Maharaja told me in the last days ‘You should help my disciples. They are like monkeys; I could not train them so much. So always try to help them.'”


Narayana Maharaja Salt Spring Island, B.C. Canada May 2001(Morning):

His voice has been recorded on his last day. He ordered me, “Help my disciples.” After that he did not speak to anyone. You can get that cassette. Why did he order me in this way? Weeping, he requested this of me. If he had already told everything, then why did he request me in that way? If anyone does not have belief in my statements, he can acquire and hear the cassette. At that time he spoke in Bengali so that others would not understand. If he were to say that all his disciples were ignorant, that they did not know very much, and that they were imperfect, they may have become upset. For this reason he spoke so many things in Bengali. He told me, “I brought them, but I could not teach them in full.” If he had told them everything, and if they were so knowledgeable and expert, why have so many of the senior devotees, even those in the renounced order, fallen down? Where are they now? Where they are now is not ISKCON. They were not ISKCON, they are not ISKCON, and they will not be ISKCON. …If there is no need for Prabhupada’s disciples to continue hearing from a bona fide guru, then why are they falling? Why? I know more than you, much more than you.”

“He ordered me, ‘Help my disciples’ […] You can get that cassette.[…] If anyone does not have belief in my statements, he can acquire and hear the cassette. At the time he spoke in Bengali so that others would not understand.”
(Salt Spring Island, Canada, April 2001, pm)

This claim is based on Srila Prabhupada stating “you kindly instruct them on this matter” to Narayana Maharaja, during a Bengali conversation spoken between the two sometime in October-November 1977.

However, as will be seen from the full translation of this
conversation provided by the Narayana Maharaja camp themselves, Srila Prabhupada
does not say anything of the sort. Whilst reading the relevant portion of
the conversation below, please pay special attention to whom the word “them” in the above sentence refers to; what was the “matter” on which Srila Prabhupada wanted Narayana Maharaja to give instruction; and “when” this instruction was meant to be given:

Srila Prabhupada: Are any of my god-brothers in Vrindavana now?
Narayana Maharaja: Yes.
Srila Prabhupada: Who?
Narayana Maharaja: Van Maharaja might be there, as well as Indupati Prabhu from Caitanya Gaudiya Matha.
Srila Prabhupada: Any more?
Narayana Maharaja: Only these two at the moment.
Srila Prabhupada: Who is Indupati?
Narayana Maharaja: He comes here often.
Bhakticaru Swami: From Madhava Maharaja’s matha?
Narayana Maharaja: Yes. No one else is here.
Srila Prabhupada: Please call both of them. Van Maharaja and him.
Narayana Maharaja: This is very good proposal by you.
Srila Prabhupada: Please sit down. They will call them.
Narayana Maharaja: All right.
Srila Prabhupada: This cutting of arguments happens sometimes…
Narayana Maharaja: These are insignificant matters in such a substantial worldwide mission. A little something here and there is of no consequence. You have done this wonderful preaching work for the benefit of the whole world. There was no self-interest. You did everything only in devotional service to Krsna for benefiting all people at large.
Srila Prabhupada: It is all by your blessings.
Narayana Maharaja: You have done a wonderful thing. It is necessary to care for and preserve this mission, and see that it is managed skillfully.
Srila Prabhupada: You kindly instruct them on this matter. I’m unable to speak.


When we see the sentence in context, those three aspects become clarified:
1) The word “them” refers to Srila Prabhupada’s Godbrothers who were to arrive shortly, not to Srila Prabhupada’s disciples. The word “them” comes twice before the final sentence, and both times it refers to his Godbrothers, Indupati Prabhu and Van Maharaja.
2) The “matter” on which Srila Prabhupada wanted Narayana Maharaja to instruct his Godbrothers was that they forgive him for any “cutting of arguments” he may have done in the course of his preaching.
3) And “when” was this instruction to be given? There and then. Immediately after Srila Prabhupada asks Narayana Maharaja to give instruction he states: “I’m unable to speak”. This is the reason he is asking Narayana Maharaja to make these points to his Godbrothers on his behalf when they arrive.  So here we clearly see a false claim made by Narayana Maharaja to promote his agenda as being the “real successor” to Srila Prabhupada.  In conclusion, on the basis of all the above, it is clear from Narayana Maharaja’s OWN WORDS that he is not simply a “dearmost siksa disciple”of Srila Prabhupada whose aim is to help to bring us closer to Srila Prabhupada. Rather he is no different to the 80 wannabe “successor Gurus” of ISKCON, doing and saying whatever is necessary to jockey for Srila Prabhupada’s position.
Originally published in Autumn 2004.

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